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April 6, 2016

America's Favorite Birds Coloring Book: Early this year, I was asked to illustrate a coloring book for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, titled America's Favorite Birds: 40 Beautiful Birds to Color, written by Miyoko Chu. This book features 40 birds found in the United States, including songbirds, raptors, waterfowl, and more. I'm excited to be part of such an incredible project! This book will be available later in the year, and I will post updates here with ordering information.

It will be available in bookstores and online at retailers such as Amazon. You can see the cover art as well as additional pages, pre-release reviews, and even pre-order if you wish!: America's Favorite Birds on Amazon and Cornell Lab Publishing Group.

Conventions and Art Shows for 2016:

Fur the `More: April 8-10, 2016, Tyson's Corner, VA: Dealer's Room
Art in the Park: June 5, 2016. Center Park, Manchester, CT
Anthrocon: June 30-July 3, 2016, Pittsburgh, PA: Dealer's Room
Eurofurence: August 17-21, 2016, Berlin, Germany: Dealer's Room
Dragon*Con: September 2-5, 2016, Atlanta, GA: Artist's Bazaar
Illuxcon": October 19-23, 2016, Reading, PA: Friday/Saturday Night Showcase
Furpocalypse: October 28-30. 2016, Cromwell, CT: Dealer's Room

Winged Fantasy: Draw and Paint Magical and Mythical Creatures:
Available from Amazon (a Kindle version is also available!), and Bookstores nationwide